We Got Company

It is not often we get visitors on Mashatu when it comes to prides of lion. However, this week we had the pleasure of viewing ‘The Pride of 6’ which dominate our neighbouring concession.

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Brothers and sub adults from the pride of 6

The pride is headed up by two of the largest lionesses I have seen on this property, the lionesses are also the grandmothers to a handful of lions that are viewed regularly at Mashatu.  Following the two lionesses are 4 sub-adults of which the youngest being one and half years of age.

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One of the dominant lionesses doing what lions do best

Judging by the size and physical condition of the lions, it is clear to us that life to the east is doing well by  this pride of 6. With the slow expansion of this small pride it can only promise growth for the greater lion population of the Northern Tuli Game Reserve.

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One of the young males of the pride of 6


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Young male

By Ruth Nussbaum

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