Update from the hides

The C4 hides at Mashatu Game Reserve are in full swing at the moment. The elephant hide has been teeming with bird life, everything ranging from guineafowls to firefinches and parrots. As the great Matabole River slowly dries up the mammals on the reserve – especially the elephants – are becoming more and more dependent on the waterhole as their permanent source of water. Regular visitors this past month include impala, baboons, elephants and warthog, the more occasional visitor’s include vervet monkeys, eland, hyena, banded mongoose and lion.

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African Green Pigeon


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Towering giants having a drink at the elephant hide


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Banded Mongoose, a rarer sighting at the hide


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Impala’s have been frequent visitors at the hide this past month


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The striking Red – billed Firefinch


At the reflection hide bird list is growing rapidly. The buntings have really dominated the hide in the past month – with regular visits from the golden breasted, lark-like and cinnamon breasted. In the months to follow we should most certainly have a variety of new visitors to the reflection hide as the water levels around the reserve continue to decrease.


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The resident Golden-breasted Bunting


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Bathing Cape Glossy Starling at the reflection hide


By Ruth Nussbaum

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