Growing Strong

This past week has been a great week of dinning for the three cubs and their mother. The lioness took down an Eland a few days ago which herself and her three rapidly growing cubs have been feasting on since.

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One of our initial sighting of the lion cubs, still tucked away in thick bush

The cubs, consisting of two males and a female have provided guests at Mashatu with great sightings over the past few months. From a very young age the lioness has allowed vehicles to view her cubs and witness their progress. The lioness has proven thus far to be an incredible mother to her cubs, as they appear to be growing stronger ever day.

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The lioness loosing her patience with her cubs as they climb all over her whilst she try’s to feed on her kill

 Only time will tell if the lioness decides to take her cubs to join her initial pride (the pride of nine), or if she will break away from them and form her own pride with her three cubs. Due to two of the lionesses in the pride of nine being pregnant at present it would be a wise choice for the lioness and her cubs to break away from the pride.  Taking her cubs back to the pride of nine may result in too much competition, which may prove detrimental to the cub’s survival.

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One of the three cubs at present, growing strong

The formation of a new pride comes naturally with the distinction of new territorial boundaries.  As the cubs continue to grow the lioness will be faced with some challenging decisions and only time will tell what these decisions will be.

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The lioness and one of her cubs

By Ruth Nussbaum

4 Responses to “ “Growing Strong”

  1. Nancy Lewis says:

    Doesn’t she run the risk of having another male kill her cubs in order to mate?

    • mashatu says:

      Yes Nancy, you right she may indeed. Thankfully the males have been more concerned with the females in the pride of nine so far, however it is still such a critical time for the cubs so anything could really happen.

  2. Connie Gildner says:

    I thought the Pride had 11 and that 9 were 2 year olds. Are these the ones that you are referring to as the Pride of 9 with 2 more females Pregnant? If so what has happened to their mother and what of the Male 2 year olds? what is happening with them. I watch Petes Pond on WE and have seen the 9 2 year olds which is why i am asking thank you for any information you can give

    • mashatu says:

      Hi Connie, yes that would be the same pride I am referring to. The two females have split from the pride and one of the two lioness has three cubs at present.

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