A Sighting to Remeber

Fearing that words will not do justice to the adrenaline packed morning we viewed on this day; I have decided to share a series of images rather than a story from the sighting, in hope that it will do it justice.  A truly incredible raw moment captured in true African wilderness!

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Lioness of the pride of nine with their kill

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Hyena’s watching over the lioness as she feeds, and elephant digging and drinking in the Majali River bed


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Elephant disturbed by the laughing of the hyena as it steals the lions kill


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Hyena gets help from the rest of the pack to drag the kill away from the lions


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The rest of the herd race down to the river bed to join all the commotion, trumpeting and kicking dust


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Elephants = peace makers, Lioness = victim and hyena’s = culprit


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Despite there being not much food left, the lioness retaliates and takes her kill back for a brief moment. The elephants try to move the lions and the hyenas out of their river bed by charging them.


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Elephant charging the pack of hyena


tail (1 of 1)-2

Black backed jackals arrive at the scene to get their share


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… As do the white backed vultures


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Hyena’s enjoy their victory


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Every last mouth fill displayed a battle between two arch enemies in the bush


By Ruth Nussbaum


7 Responses to “ “A Sighting to Remeber”

  1. Andrew Howard says:

    Wow, fantastic sighting.

  2. Zendré says:

    Ruth, what a great mini documentary!

  3. gayle says:

    Ruth, this is absolutely amazing. You’ve done the excitement justice!

  4. Zarah says:

    well captured… felt like i was there for just a moment. must have been an incredible morning!

  5. Salven says:

    Wow. Hope to be in the presence of such a scene some day.

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