Cyberdiary – 12 April 2012

Leopard by Andrei Snyman

Spectacular cat sightings were seen this week at Mashatu. By far the one that stands out most, is the morning where guests saw five leopards in ONE tree! It was the famous mother with her three sub-adult cubs (14 month old cubs), and her previous litters’ male. Although a sighting like this were seen twice last year, what makes this particular sight very significant, is the fact that these cubs are now sub-adults and could be considered independent, especially the older male cub which is now just over three years old. He is soon to be pushed out by his father, who roams around in his central territory. The three sub-adults will also go their separate ways, but will still live and roam inside the their natal area – just like their older sibling. This gives way for the adult female to mate again. A leopard conveyer belt, if you like…

Elephant by Andrei Snyman

Large herds of elephants have also moved back into the central area, which has been made possible by the light rain we had in these areas – producing a green flush, which attracts grazers and browsers alike. Herds of elephants are commonplace sight at the Mashatu Main Camp’s waterhole.

The pack of wild dogs are roaming about the far south-west section of the reserve. They were actually seen by a group of guests walking in that area last week. Following a set of fresh leopard tracks, the group was totally surprised to find themselves almost in amongst the pack, which just stood there watching them. The pack eventually moved off leaving the guests with an unforgettable experience. The alpha female is due to den within the next month-and-a-half, so hopefully they find a safe den site to successfully raise their pups.

Yellow Hornbills by Andrei Snyman

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