CyberDiary – 8 March 2012

Male and female lions by Andrei Snyman

Temperatures have cooled down the past couple of days, and the promise of rain remains but a distant glimmer of hope.

Lions mating by Andrei Snyman

The new coalition of male lions are quickly setting deep roots in the reserve. The two brothers are currently in the central region, where one male is mating with one of the single roaming lionesses. On the other side of the reserve, in the south-west region, one of the lionesses was recently seen again with her three male cubs. It is believed that the second lioness is pregnant.

Lion cub by Andrei Snyman

Some small herds of elephants were seen closer to Main Camp and Eagels Nest, but the majority of the animals are believed to be further north within the Tuli Circle, as good grazing is available there due to pleasant rains in the area. Larger herds of elephants were also seen along the Motloutse and Limpopo Rivers in the south-west.

Yesterday the female cheetah and her five cubs were seen feeding on a freshly hunted impala ram – this after guests found the family of six feeding on an impala lamb just that morning.

Although the bush is looking fairly dry and harsh, sunsets over this magnificent landscape still astonish most of us with their sheer beauty.

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