CyberDiary – 24 February 2012

Wild dog pup peering through Mopane by Aliénor Brassine

What a week it’s been! The Wild dogs, tracked down on a predator drive, made a flash appearance in the western area of Mashatu. It’s a rocky and wild region, seldom visited by the rangers on regular game drives. On this day however, an extra effort was made by all to catch a glimpse of these endangered animals. Those who did were blessed with a great privilege, as the pups, inquisitive and fearless as ever, approached to within 2 metres of the vehicles. We reluctantly left the sighting when darkness fell, and made our bumpy way back to camp, ear-to-ear smiles all around.

Pups playing in water by Mike Dexter

Overall game viewing has been outstanding over the last few days, with regular leopard, lion and cheetah sightings. Elephants are abundant as usual, and have been keeping us entertained as they make use of the pools in the rivers left over from when they flowed recently.

Three young leopards have been making themselves very comfortable in the area of the C4 Photo Hides, and it’s predicted that they will start using the waterhole soon.

Leopard by Mike Dexter

Rain, glorious rain! A substantial thunderstorm rolled overhead yesterday afternoon and drenched Mashatu in 8mm of clean, cool, much-awaited rain. We could still do with substantially more than that, but will take, and appreciate, all that we can get. The plants and animals certainly do.

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See you out there,

Aliénor (standing in for Andrei who is relaxing in Mozambique, lucky fellow!)

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  1. Nancy Lewis says:

    My first trip (and second) was to Mashatu when you still had a volunteer program. To me, Mashatu was my first vision of paradise. :-)

    • mashatu says:

      Wow what a wonderful thing to say! Thank you Nancy! And if you have any pics you’d like to share of your trips, please feel free to email them. We love sharing our guests’ memories on our Facebook page! ;-)

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