CyberDiary – 8 December 2011

Swimming ellies

Swimming ellies by Mike Dexter

We enjoyed some welcome rainfall recently, with a total of 27mm falling on Saturday. This was followed by a couple of cool and overcast days.  The vegetation is getting considerably thicker, and there is new grass shooting up all over the reserve. The general game’s condition has improved noticably as a result of the extra foraging.

On Wednesday morning we found a brand new baby elephant with its mother. It was so small in fact, that it must have been born just moments before when we came across it.

Some of our guests were fortunate enough to witness some interesting behavior when five hyenas arrived on the scene and tried to harass the little calf. This irked the other elephants no end, and they immediately set about chasing the scavengers away in order to protect their newest herd member.

We’ve spotted two young lionesses on several game drives now, and the leopard family – mom and three cubs – has also been seen on several occasions. These often elusive cats always make for some beautiful pictures.

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