July Game Report

Mashatu Game Reserve - Cheetah with game vehicle

Cheetah posing obligingly in front of game vehicle by Andrei Snyman


The Duma-Brothers (coalition of three males) are spending all their time around Solomon’s Wall and the surrounding area. On a couple of occasions did we saw not only the three males, but also the lionesses living in the same region. Those males have clearly made that part of Mashatu their residence, so hopefully this will result in the females raising a new generation of cubs soon as mating between the lions was reported this month.

The Central pride is still going from strength to strength. They were seen on numerous occasions, but because of the late cold front and very windy conditions, they have been moving into areas dense enough to protect them from the cold conditions.


By far the highlight of the month was the sighting of five leopards at the same kill. That’s right, five! Truly a “leap-of-leopard” right?! The initial sighting included an adult female with her three cubs, and they were then joined by the male cub from her pervious litter. We’re not exactly sure who made the kill, although our money is the adult female. The young male was most probably attracted into the area by the smell of the impala kill. It was quite something to observe the interaction between the young male – who is about 1.5 – 2 years old – and the three cubs. The female showed some aggression towards the young male at first, but this was when he took the kill from her. Later on all five cats were resting and playing in the same vicinity. Other leopards were also seen in and around Mashatu, but seeing these five together for a few consecutively days was priceless!

Mashatu Game Reserve - Leopard cub

Leopard cub by Andrei Snyman


July proved to be a good month for cheetah sightings. Two different females with cubs were seen, but by far the best sightings came from the resident coalition of three males. These males are totally relaxed in the presence of the vehicles, which makes for some fantastic photo opportunities!

Mashatu Game Reserve - Cheetah

Cheetah mesmerised by tree by Andrei Snyman

Spotted Hyena

The den site along the Majale River close to Main Camp is still very much active. Every single night the unmistakable calls of these super predators could be heard while lying in bed. One evening some hyenas chased impala into the staff village fence, and in so doing quickly caught themselves a very easy meal. It’s amazing how carnivores in general (lions & especially wild dogs) learn to use of manmade structures such as fences, camps walls etc to their advantage.

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Predator regards,

Andrei Snyman

PLEASE NOTE: This blog is still in it’s infancy stages so the Sightings maps, Predator maps and CyberDiary Archives aren’t up and running just yet. The Pete’s Pond is live however, so make sure to wander over there and see what the animals are up to.


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